Waverunners 2023/2024 Line Up

2023/2024 Yamaha Waverunner Models

Yamaha WaveRunner Centre has announced their 2023 WaveRunner model line-up, which sees all-new colours and updated decals across the 14-model range, and the expansion of Yamaha’s RecDeck platform to the VX and GP series - delivering even more fun and versatility on the water.

Luxury Performance - FX Series

Yamaha’s FX range once again delivers peak power and luxury performance, with three supercharged 1.8 Litre Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) engine models and two models with Yamaha’s 1.8 Litre High Output (HO) naturally aspirated engines.

All FX models come with built-in GPS capabilities and a fully integrated marine audio system, with full Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity for playing music, making hands free calls and texting through the touchscreen display. The SVHO models come with a 7-inch feature-rich colour display, while the HO models come with a 5-inch feature-rich colour display.

Whether you’re into all-day touring, fishing or high-speed endurance racing, the feature-packed FX Series delivers the perfect blend of comfort, technology and big-horsepower performance.

Great all Rounder – VX Series

The world’s most popular watercraft model continues to deliver in 2023 with three sharp looking VX WaveRunners to choose from.

The VX Series offers an affordable feature-rich and versatile package for those that appreciate reliability, quality and performance, with a value-for-money price tag.

The racy looking VX Cruiser HO comes with Yamaha’s High Output 1.8 Litre marine engine for maximum power-to-weight performance. The VX Limited is sure to turn heads with its contrasting blue hull and striking red highlights and comes with built-in marine speakers. Finishing out the VX model line-up is the VX Deluxe, for those looking for a quality watercraft, with a pure focus on the ride. 

Yamaha’s widely popular RecDeck platform and accessories are now available for all VX models, creating even more versatility and on-water fun, whether fishing, relaxing about or towing.

Compact and Fun – EX Series

The 2023 EX Series delivers stacks of fun, punchy performance and light nimble handling. Choose from the EX Deluxe with Yamaha’s intuitive RiDE system which gives the rider greater control over the craft or the EX model, the most affordable craft in Yamaha’s lineup.

With its lightweight hull design, and high performing Yamaha TR-1 engine, the Yamaha EX Series WaveRunners deliver a finish and performance that has no equal in its category.

Express Yourself – Freestyle Series

Freestyle your style - Yamaha’s 2023 Freestyle series puts a new spin on your ride.

Introduced in 2022, the JetBlaster takes on-water fun to the next level, allowing the rider to perform stand-up manoeuvres, unmatched by any other sit-down craft in the WaveRunner lineup. With its custom-tuned electric trim, built-in footwell chocks and raised action handlebars, this action-packed craft will bring a smile to every rider.

For the ultimate in stand-up performance, the legendary four-stroke SuperJet continues to challenge those thrill seekers looking for something unique, that will push their riding abilities to the limits, while delivering 100% pure adrenalin and excitement.

Need for Speed - GP Series

When it comes to chequered flags, no other out-of-the-box watercraft has been able to match the reputation of Yamaha’s GP1800R WaveRunner series.

With World Championship winning, race-ready engines and extremely lightweight performance hulls, the 2023 GP1800R line-up will ensure you leave your mates in your wake.

For 2023 you can choose from two supercharged GP1800R SVHO model in Black with Acid Green, or a naturally aspirated GP1800R HO model in black. All models come with built-in marine-grade Bluetooth audio systems, race performance adjustable handlebars, intake grate and jet pump and industry-first automatic trim system for exceptional cornering and launch control.

Yamaha’s RecDeck platform and accessories are now also available on all GP models.

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